Powerful Household Cleaners– No Poison

Super-effective cleaners that combine nature’s superpowers with advanced scientific expertise.

Laundry that’s fresh!

Dishes that sparkle!

Cleaners for every surface!

Grimy messes must go!

We partnered with an environmental scientist and chemical engineer to create a line of cleaners that would be very effective yet even more environmentally friendly than other “green” cleaners on the market.

David StelzerAzure Standard

What we’re about

Inspired by the majestic mountains and pristine lakes of Oregon, Azure Clean’s cleaning line was developed to be used effectively without harming rivers, streams, fish habitats, and soil. More than 60 sustainable, plant-based ingredients have been used to create products that will tackle the toughest stains and odors and help fight germs in and around your home, without the use of harmful chemicals that damage the planet.

Our commitment to safety

Keeping your home clean and your family healthy is a top priority. Azure Clean’s line of environmentally-friendly products for the home has been carefully designed to have a minimal impact on the planet but maximum cleaning power to your daily chores and toughest stains.


We are a proud independent family business at a time when many earth-friendly cleaner companies have been bought out by giant corporations. While they focus on shareholder profits, we have a pure drive to make a superior product (for people and our planet), without sacrificing quality.

Where have you been all my life? Finally, a household cleaner that works that doesn’t have nasty chemical ingredients. Thought it would smell and work like a homemade solution, but nope! Works like a champ! Can’t wait to try the floor cleaner next.- Carla Jones
We love the fragrance free laundry liquid detergent. It works wonders on the cloth diapers, my gym clothes, and my wife's work blouses but is gentle enough for sensitive skin.- David Vaughan
I will personally testify to the effectiveness of Azure cleaners. I'm in the middle of severely downsizing my belongings and cleaning my house to sell. In that process, I'm noticing lots of dirty walls, scuffs and grungy baseboards, deep corners of bathrooms, you get the picture. I purposefully used a common cleaner, Method, and Biokleen first. Not good. Then I tried Azure Heavy Duty `{`now Spray-Clean Supreme Household Cleaner `}`. Wow. Spray on and let sit for 30 seconds and the grime wiped away. The effectiveness saved me $$$ and time as I didn't need to paint walls or boards that wiped clean. I was impressed.- Debbie Pantenburg
I live on a dirt road here in Oregon’s farming-country and each spring I’m amazed to see the dirt and grime from my winter travels just suds-away when I use the Car & Truck Wash. (And since it’s safe and non-toxic, I don’t mind if my very-free-range chickens come by to check out the run-off water! Silly birds.)- Susan Booth
While the list of plant based chemicals looks intimidating, the effectiveness is key here. It will win over folks who try it. I already told you about the vehicle cleaner `{`now Car & Truck Wash`}`. Amazing bug lifter. Also the laundry soap `{`Sweet Zephyr Laundry Liquid`}` actually removes ``man smell`` from clothes, unlike Biokleen. I can't wait to try the dishwashing liquid.- Debbie Pantenburg