Can I order Azure Clean in bulk?

Yes! For commercial users, or if you want to get products by the pallet, drum, or  truck load call 971-200-8370.

Why do you make such a big deal about the ingredients in Azure Clean?

The selection of every one of the 65+ ingredients used in our fourteen formulations was carefully considered and made. As scientists and environmental professionals, we have all the data available globally. Although every decision was carefully made, we are open to change. This is a continuously improving process; there is no finish line.

We continue to search out and re-evaluate our ingredients/formulations as new greener materials become available. Sometimes ingredients touted on the internet are not all they are said to be so we do actual testing.

We want our products to be strong enough so that they clean very effectively and sometimes this requires the use of strong ingredients. We believe that those who claim they can clean and launder without using some strong ingredients are not telling the truth. For example, we evaluated one “very natural” laundry powder which would destroy the piping and valves in a home washer inside of nine months. The labeling on this product was dishonest, the product ineffective at cleaning, and it would destroy the pipes and valves of every washer.

Balancing the actual and potential, positive and negative, impacts of each ingredient is not easy; right or wrong, we have done our best to make the best choices based on carefully balancing the human, environmental, sustainability, and efficacy considerations already discussed.

We believe the benefits of our total elimination of the dominant, commonly used surfactants SLS and SLES, far outweigh the potential negative impact of small amounts of EPA-designated Safer Choice ingredients where plant-based alternatives are not yet available. We believe in our hearts based on available data that our fourteen formulations are the best available anywhere based on the balancing of the four critical criteria:

  • Human Safety-Actual impact to humans given concentration and typical exposure pathways.
  • Impact on Environment-Short and long-term impact on the environment.
  • Sustainability-Sustainable, ethical sourcing.
  • Product Efficacy-Our largely pant-based products have to work well or people will use the cheap standard harsh

Can I order product samples?

We offer small sizes on many items for purchase. However right now we do not have sample sizes available.

What is block copolymer and why is it in your dishwasher formulations?

At a level just above 1%, we use a Block Copolymer in our automatic dishwasher powder. This ingredient is readily biodegradable and is listed by the EPA as a Safer Choice ingredient.  It is a surfactant but is described as a “polymer” because it is a large molecule, made of repeating groups. This ingredient controls foaming.  It promotes water sheeting and a fast runoff, so drops don’t dry onto dishware, glasses and flatware.  Those drops would then dry down to leave spots from the minerals naturally present in the water. The small amount of Block Copolymer we use thus eliminates the need for an entire rinse conditioner product.

In summary, our Block Copolymer is non-hazardous, eliminates the need for rinse products, is readily biodegradable, and is specially promoted/suggested by the EPA as a Safer Choice ingredient. While this block copolymer is not harmful to humans or the environment, it is not plant-based. We will replace with a plant-based alternative as soon as such an ingredient becomes available, regardless of cost.

Do any products have SLS or SLES or 1, 4 Dioxane contamination?

Because of the widely publicized concerns over the potential for 1, 4, Dioxane contamination in SLS and SLES, we worked for years to engineer these two ingredients out of all our products. Our concerns were recently confirmed by the state of New York which passed the attached law which attempts to deal with the potential for 1, 4, Dioxane contamination in SLS and SLES over the coming months and years. We have NOT waited for legislation, rather we did extensive research, extensive testing, extensive expertise and persistence that resulted in our being able to simply and totally eliminate the use of these two ingredients. Others wait for legislation; we take actions without delay to protect our customers and the environment.

Are Azure Clean laundry detergents safe for cloth diapers?

YES! All of the laundry detergents offered are cloth diaper safe. Our products are designed to rinse off so they do not leave any residue behind that could repel liquids. Plus, unlike some natural laundry options, our products have safe surfacants that actually get your diapers clean (even out of microfiber inserts!)

Does Azure Clean accept returns or exchanges?

Our cleaners have a 100% happiness guarantee. If there is a problem with your order, please contact our customer service team.

Where can I see a list of your ingredients?

Each product lists its specific ingredients on the product.

A full list of our ingredients is available here.

Are Azure Clean products safe for septic systems?

All Azure Clean products are readily biodegradable and safe for septic systems.

Are Azure Clean products biodegradable?

All Azure Clean products are readily biodegradable and safe for downstream eco systems.

Do any products contain any toxic ingredients that can harm my children or the environment?

No. All Azure Clean products are free from harmful ingredients such as chlorine bleach, optical brighteners, synthetic colors and artificial fragrances.


Each product is also free from EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid), SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium lauryl ether sulfate).

Do you ever test on animals?

No Azure Clean product is tested on animals.


We use only safe ingredients are used so no animal testing is needed.

Why Choose Azure Clean?

Who says cleaning has to be hard work?

Azure Clean was created to harness power of enzymes, the best in science and all the strength of nature into a super-effective cleaner.

The result? It’s safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly—and it works!

Are Azure Clean products safe?

Azure Clean products are non-toxic and non-reactive. It is safe for your septic systems, readily biodegradable, and allergy-friendly.

Safe for use around children and pets and areas where children and pets play but all excess amounts should be wiped away clean with a cloth and/or warm water.

While our cleaners pose no danger to skin, fur or feathers, always keep household cleaning products out of reach of children.

Some minor irritation may occur if a product gets into the eyes, but this can be treated by thoroughly flushing the eyes with water. If any product is consumed, drink a glass of water or milk for dilution.