Replace Your Biokleen Products

Now that Biokleen is owned by a large corporation, it’s time for a better option.

Biokleen and Azure Standard had a strong partnership until Biokleen sold out to national conglomerates. That’s when we knew we needed a local solution for eco-friendly products that customers could trust to not harm their health or the environment. Read More

Replace your favorite Biokleen products with an effective option from independently-owned AzureClean.

Like their All-Purpose Cleaner?
You’ll love Spray-Clean Supreme

spray bottle of spray clean kitchen and household cleaner

Like their Bac-Out Stain + Odor Remover? You’ll love Stench-X

Spray bottle of stain and odor remover

Like their Glass Cleaner?
You’ll love Smudge-Away

Like their Produce Wash?
You’ll Love Garden & Market

16 oz natural garden and market produce wash

Like their Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner?
You’ll Love Pattering Feet

Like their Carpet and Rug Shampoo?
You’ll Love Jumpin’ Giant

Like their Soy Toilet Scrub?
You’ll Love Royal Throne

bottle of natural toilet bowl cleaner fragrance free

Like their Bathroom Cleaner?
You’ll Love Stench-X

Spray bottle of stain and odor remover

Like their Automatic Dish Powder?
You’ll Love Whishin’

Like their Dish Liquid?
You’ll Love Smiley Sudz

Like their Automatic Dish Gel?
You’ll Love Whishin’

Like their Citrus Soy Solvent?
You’ll Love Jumbo Job

Like their Bac-Out Fresh?
You’ll Love Stench-X for Laundry

Like their Oxygen Bleach Plus?
You’ll Love Oxygen-power’d Bleach

Like their Laundry Powder?
You’ll Love Washing Time

Like their Laundry Liquid?
You’ll Love Ultra-Premium

Like their Citrus Essence Laundry Liquid?
You’ll Love Sweet Zephyr