Our Story

What do you get when you combine the efforts of an organic farming pioneer with an environmental scientist and chemical engineer?

Superior natural cleaning products that keep the planet clean from sky to soil.

When environmental scientist and chemical engineer, Mike Griffin read the core values of Azure Standard, the business founded by organic pioneer David Stelzer, he got goosebumps. “Azure Standard is my kind of company and I started buying organic foods and other products from them.” He had recently retired and was reading the labels of so-called “green” home cleaning products. “I was shocked. What utter nonsense. I knew that a much better job could be done. Much greener, much more sustainable, safer, ingredients were available, although sometimes expensive and hard to find.” He knew just where to find them.

Small companies with a heart and soul for doing the right thing get bought-up by large corporations, and then they just become a small part of a portfolio of the larger corporation. The corporations just want to ‘greenwash’ their image to make it look like they are not destroying the environment.

David StelzerAzure Standard

Azure Standard is dedicated to healthy cleaners

Although growing and distributing organic foods has been Azure’s main focus over the years, they have offered earth-friendly cleaners since the early 90s.

While earth-friendly cleaners were very much in line with Azure’s mission to create a healthy planet, most of them did not work well or had ingredietns that weren’t all that “friendly” to the planet. David decided to pursue the idea of manufacturing a line of a few superior cleaners under the Azure name. So, back in 2016, he connected with Mike Harvey. With their likeminded pursuit of unpolluted waterways and healthy bodies, Mike agreed to help.  Together they created a line of cleaners that would be very effective yet even more environmentally friendly than other “green” cleaners on the market. Mike and David were diligent to not compromise their common principles in caring for the earth and its inhabitants.

Independent Business

At a time when natural cleaner businesses are selling out to large corporations, Azure Clean is proud to be an Oregon based independent, family owned and operated business.

We will never undercut product quality or environmental effects for money. It’s just not how we do things.

Sustainable Ingredients

Our 60 sustainable ingredients may read differently than you are used to on your natural cleaners. We’re not talking vinegar and baking soda here. With the expertise of Oregon native chemists, we’ve taken the best in environmental science to create cleaners that work well and are truly biodegradable.

Tested By Real Families

Our families love the Azure Clean product line. We use it in our homes, on our farms and in our businesses. Originally sold as Azure Market Cleaners, we’ve had 4 years of Azure Standard families call this their secret weapon in a clean home. We’re glad you found us too.