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Clean your vehicle effortlessly without worrying about the safety of the run-off going down your driveway.

  • Natural truck and car wash that actually works!
  • Excellent bug lifter (no more bug guts on your grill!)
  • Never corrosive. Readily biodegradable.
  • Earth-friendly (free from SLS/SLES, EDTA, laureth-7, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, glycol ether, brighteners)
  • No dyes or fragrances
  • No animal testing
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Protect the wildlife, your pets and the fish in the streams even when washing your car and truck! This effective car and truck wash is completely earth-friendly. The run-off is readily biodegradable and the cleaner is safe enough to let the kids help you wash!

It’s far more effective than using dishwashing liquid shortcuts and far safer than conventional car washes. This car and truck wash is non-corrosive but will still get those bugs right off! Plus, you don’t have to worry if your kids (or chickens!) stomp in the run-off water.

Our plant-based formula is safe to use around the whole family. It contains no harsh chemicals known for causing health issues, i.e. SLS/SLES, EDTA, laureth-7, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, glycol ether, brighteners. Our allergy-friendly formula is also free from dyes and fragrances.

You might look at the ingredient list and see a lot of unfamiliar names that sound different than other plant-based formulas you’ve tried. We’ve harnessed the best in science in these products with formulas made from plant derivatives that truly work to get the grime and gunk out, without harming your health or the planet. Scientific names aren’t always easy to read, but they’re accurate for what’s actually in the bottle so you can research them yourself. We’re confident you’ll agree with the eco-conscious chemists who made the formulations for us… these are highly effective, yet entirely environmentally-friendly, ingredients. It’s unlike anything you’ve used before — eco-friendly products that make a big impact in your home and negligible impact on the planet.

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Fragrance free

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32 fl. oz.


MAIN INGREDIENT deionized water
PLANTS: cocamidopropyl betaine, lauramine oxide, carboxymethyl inulin, sodium polyitaconate
MINERAL: table salt
BIODEGRADABLE SYNTHETICS: alpha-olefin sulfonate, benzisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol