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Squirt n’ Lather Hand Soap


No matter what you need to do in your day, you can feel confident that your hands are healthy, safe, and clean when you use our Squirt & Lather Hand Soap. We created it with your health in mind.

  • Cleans your hands while caring for your skin
  • A powerful plant-based formula that works!
  • Completely fragrance-free
  • Earth-friendly (free from SLS, SLES, Laureth-7, EDTA, Phosphates, and Phthalates)
  • No animal testing
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You can confidently clean your hands without worry because our hand soap isn’t made with nasty ingredients (like sodium lauryl sulfate [SLS] and sodium laureth sulfate [SLES]) that are known for causing health issues. The nourishing plant-based natural ingredients will not dry out your skin.

Will it foam? Not as much as other soaps that contain SLS or SLES, but it does lather up nicely with only a small amount of water. Since our Squirt & Lather Hand Soap doesn’t contain SLS or SLES, it may feel different than other liquid soaps, but you’ll know you’re not exposing yourself to anything bad.

And what about the fish downstream? No worries there. This hand soap is completely biodegradable and won’t harm the waterways.

Our plant-based formula contains no harsh chemicals known for causing health issues, i.e. no SLS, SLES, EDTA, laureth-7, butyl, ammonia, chlorine, or phosphates. Plus, our allergy-friendly formula also is free from dyes and fragrances.

The ingredient list features many names that you may find unfamiliar. We harnessed the best in science for specialty formulas made with plant derivatives. The hand-picked ingredients truly work to get the grime and gunk out without harming your health or the planet. Scientific names aren’t always easy to read, but they’re accurate for what’s actually in the bottle so you can research them yourself.

We’re confident you’ll agree with the eco-conscious chemists who made the formulations for us… these are highly effective, yet entirely environmentally-friendly, ingredients. It’s unlike anything you’ve used before. These eco-friendly products make a big impact in your home and negligible impact on the planet.

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Citrus, Fragrance free

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128 fl. oz., 16 fl. oz., 5 gallon pail